Tracy Turo and Sonalie Galardi-Este Figueiras,

Smart & Smarter: Stand Out From the Crowd

There’s a classic scene in the movie Dumb & Dumber where our two heroes chose unusual tuxedos. The joke there was they stuck out like two sore thumbs. But what if you want to, or have to, stick out from the crowd? It’s long been the norm at conventions to have attractive women in tight…

Mike Butcher, Lisa Fleisher

3 Tips to Get Media Attention for Your Business

Last year during the Web Summit, I wandered around the exhibition area and wondered why many of the exhibitors wanted to talk to me. It then dawned on me that my ID badge was color coded as “press,” the first year I had attended as such. Pretty soon, I was walking around with my wrist…

#WebSummit2014 mascot

Web Summit 2014: Have Pass, Will Travel

So my blogger pass to the Web Summit (#WebSummit2014) arrived in that new fangled electronic email today. I don’t know much about the internet, or “web,” as some people call it, and I have a terrible suspicion it might all be a fad. Nevertheless, I’ll be there to see what all these young whippersnappers are…


Don’t Waste Time Starting Your Own Business

It was one of those nuggets of advice that came unexpectedly but bears repeating: If your startup idea is crap, or if your understanding of how startups work is crap, go work for a startup instead. The comment came during a Q&A session at Entrepreneurs Anonymous, a monthly meetup I co-run for early stage and…

The Summit in Dublin

Summit Colossus Selling Out Hotels Already

A funny email arrived today. It was funny peculiar and funny ha ha — not just funny peculiar or just funny ha ha. It came from Paddy Cosgrave (@paddycosgrave), CEO of the The Summit, and was a reminder of the clout this event wields. The Summit (@theSummitHQ), formerly known as The Dublin Web Summit, sent…

How do you stand out in this?

Observations on Messaging From The Web Summit

The Web Summit was a busy place. Over 10,000 tickets were sold and 500 press passes were given out. So getting the message out was a challenge. Before attendees had even reached the venue, the marketers were at work. One guy was handing out fliers for hair cuts at a local barber. Another guy in…

Mark Suster

5 Tips & 3 Thoughts For Entrepreneurs

Starting a company is like making sausage, so don’t be fooled by the other guy’s press release. It’s probably as ugly behind the scenes there, according to Los Angeles-based venture capitalist, Mark Suster. Speaking at the 2013 Web Summit (@WebSummitHQ), Suster (@msuster) was introduced by conference organizer Paddy Cosgrave (@paddycosgrave) as “one of the most…


10 Tips For Building a Killer Startup

Be careful building that killer startup, said serial entrepreneur Michael Acton Smith. Its first victim could be you! Speaking at the Dublin Web Summit (@WebSummitHQ), the Moshi Monsters guy (@acton) outlined his tips for entrepreneurs and threw in a health warning: “Many of them almost killed me with their craziness and intensity,” he said. Once…

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7 eCommerce Tips

Keep it simple and get inside the customer’s  head when it comes to eCommerce. But be prepared for an awful lot of work, said Colm Griffin, founder and CEO of (@purchasedotie). His comments came at the monthly Entrepreneurs Anonymous event and it kicked off an extremely busy Web Summit (@WebSummitHQ) week in Dublin, Ireland.…

photo of newspaper display

The Future of News: Dead Papers, Living Journalism

A panel of journalists at the Dublin Web Summit discusses the future of news. While papers are in trouble, journalism can thrive elsewhere.