Don’t Name It After Yourself and Other Indicators of Potential Entrepreneurial Success

Sticks and stones may break your bones, and the name you call yourself could also hurt you. Entrepreneurs often agonize over their new business name, and for good reason. Now a new study advises entrepreneurs not to name the business after themselves and to keep the name short. Research in the journal, Science, finds firms…


Get Ready to Waste Time & 9 Other Tips for Entrepreneurs

It’s the entrepreneur’s routine affliction. They start out with a brilliant idea and start building it. Then, reality intervenes and they find the final product is nothing like they envisioned. There are usually four steps to getting it right, said Manoj Chawla. You start by doing the wrong thing the wrong way. Then you do…

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3 Tips to Get Media Attention for Your Business

Last year during the Web Summit, I wandered around the exhibition area and wondered why many of the exhibitors wanted to talk to me. It then dawned on me that my ID badge was color coded as “press,” the first year I had attended as such. Pretty soon, I was walking around with my wrist…


Think Like an Athlete: 11 Tips for Business

Think like an athlete, learn to sell and know noise. Those were among the tips offered up to entrepreneurs by Denis Breen (@profitpal_denis) at this month’s Entrepreneurs Anonymous meetup. Managing Director of ProfitPal (@profitpalie), an accounting and tax advice firm, Breen was passing on advice gleaned from his own experience and his company’s dealings with…

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Two Views on Data — It’s There But Be Careful What You Read In To It

There has never been as much data available as before. But is it any good? Jon Bradford (@jd) said the costs of starting a new business have collapsed in recent years. Yet the challenges remain the same. Bradford, who is Managing Director of TechStars in London, said early stage startups struggle to find the correct…


Events and News of (Irish) Interest

May 23: Doing Business in the UK This interactive and practical morning seminar offers an insight into the practicalities, opportunities and challenges of doing business in Britain as well as an opportunity to meet one-to-one with the speakers. VENUE: Alexander Hotel, Merrion Square, Dublin 2. 8:15 am – 11 am The panel includes UKTI, RSM…

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Is This the Kind of Crap That Passes as Self-Deprecating Wit?

The Irish “elite” has let the country down badly, and disguises its failings by claiming the Irish fight amongst themselves.

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4 Ways to Manage Failure

  Starting a business is so tricky that most are bound to fail. But failure teaches important lessons and can be managed, according to Colm Lyon (@colmlyon), CEO and founder of Realex Payments. Speaking at the second annual Dotconf (@dotconf) today, Lyon recounted his experiences setting up Realex (@realexpayments) around 11 years ago and gave…

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Entrepreneurship: Is Féidir Linn (Yes, We Can)

  The day after President Obama (@barackobama) gave Ireland a shot of optimism, it is worth remembering that plenty of hard work is still needed to pull the country of the mire. Ruminating on an insightful conversation he had with his hairdresser about her business, Harvard Business Review blogger, John Baldoni, said, “Inspiration is useless…

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Win! Free! Sex! 10 Secrets to Start Your Business

Hopefully that headline grabbed your attention. It might even be more effective on Twitter. It contains many of the keywords designed to hook you on magazine covers, according to Norah Casey, owner and CEO of Harmonia, Ireland’s largest publisher. Casey is also one of the potential investors on Ireland’s version of The Dragons’ Den TV…