How Facebook Is Engaging Brands

Another nifty infographic from OneProductions in Dublin. And this time it’s animated! The graphic shows how Facebook is engaging brands. Native video is rising and predicted to reach eighty-four percent by 2018. Facebook native video accounts for three billion video views a day. The early adopters of Facebook native video are primarily major media companies…


Infographic: WordPress Hacks & Security

There’s many ways a hacker can infiltrate your site such as through your hosting site, your theme and even your password, if it isn’t strong enough. To completely stop hacking is impossible but it can be made more difficult for them to do. This infographic will show what can be done to help make it…


Happy Birthday, Pinterest!

Another great infographic from Dublin-based One Productions. This one outlines Pinterest’s first five years.


Infographic: YouTube Grows From Teething to 10 Year Old

Here’s a fun infographic with an innovative twist: It shows the first 10 years of YouTube’s life mapped to those of a child. Developed by One Productions, a creative communications company based in Dublin, Ireland, the infographic celebrates YouTube’s upcoming 10th birthday. It’s not the first infographic One Productions has sent this way. Their last…

data breaches in 2014 in US

Infographic: Data Breaches in the US in 2014

There was good news and bad news when it came to data breaches in America last year. The bad news: The number of breaches was up 27.5% over 2013. The good news is that the amount of data involved was down 7.1%. The figures come courtesy of 27001 Academy, an online center specializing in ISO…

European venture capital flows

Venture Funding in Ireland 2013

I went through the Irish Venture Capital Association’s 2013 report to see what facts and figures were interesting. The result was the infographic below. Feel free to share.


The Rise & Fall of a Social Giant

Google is shutting down its first social network Orkut tomorrow. To mark the event, Dublin-based video production company, One Productions, has drawn up this timeline of key events in Orkut’s 10 years on the internet.


Hacking (and Embarrassment) Through the Ages

Nowadays, if a new website goes live on the internet, it will take 15 minutes at most before it is probed for vulnerabilities. Back in Alexander Graham Bell’s time (1876), it took two years before a group of teenage boys tried to “hack” the system. Since they had been hired as operators and were on…


Smartphone Costs Around the World

An infographic looking at smartphone prices and usage around the world. Infographic designed and compiled by GO-Gulf, Dubai. The original blog post can be found here. by gogulf.

What the business really thinks of IT

What the Business Really Thinks of IT

I’ve covered a bit before on the often-fraught relationship between business and IT. There is a blog post here, for example, on Susan Cramm and 8 Things to Hate About IT. Meanwhile, Prof. Joe Peppard has lectured and written extensively on many facets of the IT-to-business interface. Things aren’t good. Things could be better. But…