The Over-Innovator’s Dilemma

Part I of this innochat can be found here. It sounds initially like it might be too much of a good thing. A bit like over-indulging at Christmas or Thanksgiving. Over-eating. Over-indulging. But over-innovating? Is such a thing possible? Normally, I’m happy to sit, listen in on the weekly innochats, and then maybe write up…

Is There Such A Thing As Over-Innovation?

This is the first of a two-part post. Part II is here. Ever walked in to a store to buy something only to become overwhelmed or annoyed when a simple errand turns in to a headache of decision making? Have modern product ranges become so vast that the manufacturers have over-innovated? That was the prime…

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“Infusing Education with Disruptive DNA”

It is a huge area, but education needs to be fixed in many areas. This weeks Innochat looks at how innovation can be brought in to the educational system.

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Nature. Nurture. Nightmare — Innovative Leadership Traits

This is Part II of this week’s innochat on Twitter. Part I is here. Leadership Traits Marshall’s next question was what are the traits of leaders of those innovative enterprises that people admire? “Innovative leaders adopt a ‘beginner’s mindset — open, collaborative and deeply curious,” said Vala Afshar (@ValaAfshar). They are “guided by imagination first,…

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Nature. Nurture. Nightmare. What Does it Take to Build an Innovative Enterprise?

Against the backdrop of the Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs and a framing post here, innovation practitioners from around the globe tackled the question of “what does it take to build an innovative enterprise?” The discussion came on this week’s innochat, which was moderated by Andrew Marshall (@drewCM) of Primed Associates. (This is Part…


The Impact of Scarcity on Innovation

Does a shortage of resources hurt innovation? And what can innovation practitioners do to ensure companies are ready for the upturn?

On Avoiding That Kodak Moment

What’s wrong with this picture? The company that, not only invented the digital camera but also had a leading market share in digital photography, bungled the technology and is now seeking bankruptcy protection.

Innochat Explained

Innochat is a weekly Twitter conversation on various topics surrounding innovation. It takes place at noon, Eastern Standard Time, or 5pm GMT, and lasts for an hour. A framing post is usually published on the Innochat website before the talk, and a (large) transcript is made available afterwards. That should be read in reverse chronological…