Moya Brennan of Clannad

New Tech’s Nearly New Notions

There’s a tendency in tech to think its innovations are the result of new thinking. Sometimes that may be the case but often old thinking is merely repackaged or rediscovered. In a small economy like Ireland’s, starting and growing a business can be slow (or excruciating) if entrepreneurs are to rely on the domestic market…


Innovation Impatience In the Here & Now

Don’t let your impatience to innovate the future blind you to the present. “Attending to the present pays dividends in two crucial ways,” says says Dr. Jeanne Liedtka, a professor at the Darden Graduate School of Business at the University of Virginia. “First, it helps broaden, and perhaps even change completely, our definition of the…


“The Moses Myth” Undermines Your Confidence as an Innovator

In the Moses Myth, innovation is a miracle when a special person raises their hands to God, the Red Sea is parted or the iPhone is born. “Pick your own utopian outcome. The message is the same,” says Dr. Jeanne Liedtka, a professor at the Darden Graduate School of Business at the University of Virginia.…

Tracy Turo and Sonalie Galardi-Este Figueiras,

Smart & Smarter: Stand Out From the Crowd

There’s a classic scene in the movie Dumb & Dumber where our two heroes chose unusual tuxedos. The joke there was they stuck out like two sore thumbs. But what if you want to, or have to, stick out from the crowd? It’s long been the norm at conventions to have attractive women in tight…

Andrew Marshall & John Lewis on #innochat

Inert & Debt Ridden: Time to Innovate?

With firm Medieval traditions and a largely unchanged Victorian delivery system, is it any wonder modern employers demand better of its “output”? The complaints vary by country about university education, but money is always an issue. The added twist in America is the debt load taken on by students. That now stands at €1.2 trillion!…


The Business Value of Innovation

In a series of recent posts, I looked at how IT can position itself inside an organization to drive innovation. Implicit in those posts was the assumption that innovation is beneficial to the business. But how do you measure that? 4 Steps from Boring Service to IT Innovation  IT: A Quick Sanity Check Before Becoming…

Iconic robots from TV and the movies

Iconic Robots of the Big & Small Screen

I would have thought there were more. But you can’t go wrong with Bender. .


Europe’s Innovation Landscape Remains Boring

Europe is slowly closing its innovation gap with the U.S. But national innovation rankings within Europe remain stable, according to the European Union (EU). Released today, the EU’s annual Innovation Union Scorecard for 2014 measures innovation in the EU and other European countries. The report also measures their innovation against efforts in Japan, South Korea…

fat dump and happy pig

‘Fat, Dumb & Happy Does Not an Innovation Powerhouse Make’

Billed as an “innovation smackdown,” this week’s innochat addressed the thorny topic of who innovates more: big companies or startups? “Most people believe startups have an edge, but large companies have done well too,” said Gwen Ishmael (@Gwen_Ishmael) SVP Insights & Innovation at Decision Analyst Inc. in Texas, and this week’s chat moderator. The framing post…

Salesman illustration

How to Tap Sales to Drive Innovation

What role can the Sales organization play in a company? Is its proximity to the customer a benefit? Or do sales incentives stymie a salesman’s motivation to share knowledge? Those were some of the taxing issues tackled at today’s Innochat, a weekly Twitter conversation attended by innovation experts, practitioners and assorted hangers on from around…