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Stories Can Build an Innovation Culture or Destroy It

This is Part II of the report on Thursday’s innochat where a group of innovation experts and practitioners tackle some of the innovation challenges facing organizations. Part I is here. Turning to her third question, moderator Gwen Ishmael (@Gwen_Ishmael) asked how the different types of innovation being discussed — incremental, breakthrough and transformational — impact…

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“Even Cavemen Learned That You Innovate or Die!”

Companies can face different challenges in their markets and with their customers depending on how they position themselves strategically on the innovation spectrum.

Is There Such A Thing As Over-Innovation?

This is the first of a two-part post. Part II is here. Ever walked in to a store to buy something only to become overwhelmed or annoyed when a simple errand turns in to a headache of decision making? Have modern product ranges become so vast that the manufacturers have over-innovated? That was the prime…

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“Infusing Education with Disruptive DNA”

It is a huge area, but education needs to be fixed in many areas. This weeks Innochat looks at how innovation can be brought in to the educational system.

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Innovator’s Ideas “Too Valuable to Patent”

Afraid of his ideas being copied, one innovator choses not to patent his inventions.

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Lock Up Your Innovators: The Academics Are Loose

  An “alarming trend” sees stodgy academics, turgid papers in hand, descending slothlike on the fast-paced but unsuspecting innovation domain. Writing in Bloomberg Businessweek, G. Michael Maddock and Raphael Louis Vitón claim major corporations are turning to academics to institute innovation programs, but should be looking elsewhere for advice. According to the authors, “No one…

Will IT Slowly Strangle Corporate Outposts?

While the home of most corporate parents (America) worries that IT may not be helping the business enough, the home of many subsidiaries (Ireland) worries that IT is a tool that will force the closure of corporate outposts. Writing in the Harvard Business Review (HBR) blog, R. “Ray” Wang says four personas of the next-generation…

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Making Content Pay

Online publishers are still grappling with ways to make online content pay. News Corp moved the London Times behind a paywall and watched readership drop off a cliff. Apple proposes to charge publishers for access to the iPad, but on terms that are unlikely to please content providers. Now Dutch company, Cleeng, (they seem to…

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Innovation In Action and A Needless Struggle

There were some inspiring stories about innovation in this week’s Sunday Business Post (now behind a paywall), and then there was one cautionary tale from David McWilliams on how harmful government can be to struggling businesses. First the good news: Innovation does not have to come in the form of a blockbuster company like Nokia…

Innovation in Ireland: Are We Up To The Challenge?

I read an interesting article on reverse innovation on the Harvard Business Review (HBR) website, and this led to an October 2009 article from the magazine itself, and that led me to worry that little ol’ Ireland could very easily get left behind in the innovation stakes. The blog piece by Vijay Govindarajan, professor of international…