What the business really thinks of IT

What the Business Really Thinks of IT

I’ve covered a bit before on the often-fraught relationship between business and IT. There is a blog post here, for example, on Susan Cramm and 8 Things to Hate About IT. Meanwhile, Prof. Joe Peppard has lectured and written extensively on many facets of the IT-to-business interface. Things aren’t good. Things could be better. But…

Enterprise Architecture diagram

How 1 Drawing and 2 Questions Can Deliver (Yet) More Value from I.T.

Research shows that mapping a company’s Enterprise Architecture for senior executives is the first step in delivering more value from its IT investment.

Don’t Look to the Business for IT Innovation!

Prof. Joe Peppard

Three Tips to Align Business & IT Strategies

Prof. Joe Peppard outlines the gap between Information Services and Information Technology, and the push-pull tension with business technology

User Involvement Key to Building Effective Business Cases for IT

Done well, they can mean the difference between success and failure of IT projects. Done poorly, they can lead to failure, “delusional optimism” and even hamper IT’s room to innovate. The comments came from Prof. Joe Peppard at an Irish Computer Society (@IrishCompSoc) talk on Building the Business Case for IT Investments. A well-done business…

Josh Klein

Hack Work. Detach from Work. Just be Careful.

That work can be frustrating or annoying goes without saying. That we can do something about it often seems like a forlorn hope. Great advice on how to maintain your sanity comes from Josh Klein (@joshuaklein) and Bill Jensen (@simpletonbill) in Hacking Work — Breaking Stupid Rules for Smart Results. “Just two guys who have…

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Four Steps to Drive Business Innovation with IT

IT needs to move away from being an “order taker” and move towards continually selling itself business-wide if it is to succeed in driving innovation, according to Prof. Joe Peppard. Director of Cranfield University’s IT Leadership Program, Peppard was speaking at yesterday’s Irish Computer Society’s (@irishcompsoc) lecture on how to drive Business Innovation with IT.…

Picture of a helpless insect on its back

‘Practiced Helplessness’ Reaches in to I.T.

A few weeks ago, veteran political commentator Vincent Browne (@vincentbrowne) spoke of the “practiced helplessness” of Irish men. In his article he said men fail to do the most basic tasks around the house and described it as: That learnt inability to do the most basic chores, an incapacity to cook, to clean-up, to change…

snobby butler

Are You a Butler or an Entrepreneur?

Are we butlers or entrepreneurs in corporate IT? Or do we fall somewhere in between? Personally, I’d prefer to be an entrepreneur but, more often than not, feel closer to being a butler than I’d like to be. Update: Move from being a butler to being an entrepreneur. The butler and entrepreneur are two of…

Technology Projects Are All About People

Well, that was the last of Prof. Joe Peppard’s three-lecture CIO Masterclass at the Irish Computer Society (ICS). The final seminar was on “Managing Change In Large IT Implementations.”  Like his first two talks, this one was less technical and more about how to manage change and the people around it. My account of the…