Martha Rotter

New Tech is Great but “Beware the Shiny”

Despite the onslaught of new technologies, there is no need to become overwhelmed or spread too thinly. Martha Rotter explains how.

Prof James Boyle

The Web Was Invented For Science but Sucks At It

The web was invented to further scientific research but it is doing a bad job at it, according to James Boyle. “Right now we are generating scientific information at digital speeds but reading it at analog speeds,” he said. Scientists face one big challenge, Boyle said. That is accessing information. Despite the amount of research…

color blind comparisons

We’ll All Suffer a Disability Someday

There is close to a 100 percent chance that we will all suffer from some sort of disability in our lifetime, said Tady Walsh. It could be a broken bone, or failing sight or hearing as we age. So website designers need to factor this in. “It’s not a responsibility to someone else, but a…

How Not to Handle Crowdsourcing

If you are going to engage in crowdsourcing or social design, make sure you follow etiquette and take the project seriously. The advice came from Evangelos Kapros as he told of the mess the youth wing of the Greek Conservative Party (ONNED) got itself in to with a logo competition. What started as someone’s idea…

Mike Schroepfer

Fail Harder, Move Fast & Break Stuff, Don’t be Fearful

Fail harder, move fast and break things, don’t be fearful. Three phrases to sum up Facebook’s approach to innovation, according to the company’s VP of Engineering Mike Schroepfer (@schrep). In its short life — just six years old — Facebook boasts some extraordinary statistics. With around 500 million users, its population is greater than that…