Don’t Name It After Yourself and Other Indicators of Potential Entrepreneurial Success

Sticks and stones may break your bones, and the name you call yourself could also hurt you. Entrepreneurs often agonize over their new business name, and for good reason. Now a new study advises entrepreneurs not to name the business after themselves and to keep the name short. Research in the journal, Science, finds firms…

European venture capital flows

Venture Funding in Ireland 2013

I went through the Irish Venture Capital Association’s 2013 report to see what facts and figures were interesting. The result was the infographic below. Feel free to share.

Photos of Angel Meetup 2012 Speakers

4 Tips for Entrepreneurs Looking for Angel Investment

Although the venture capital industry is now well developed in Ireland, angel (or sophisticated) investing is still playing catch up. But companies like Xcell Partners are helping to organize investors and to locate investment opportunities for them, according to Eva Kelleher, who handles the Republic of Ireland operations for the investment group. Kelleher was speaking…

Adele Hinze

Four Tips for Dealing With Venture Capitalists

  Dealing with venture capitalists (VCs) can be a daunting task for first-time entrepreneurs. They often feel they have to accept investment offers despite misgivings about the amount of equity demanded. But by negotiating well, they needn’t give the business away, according to Adele Hinze, Founder and Executive Director at Angel Holdings. She was speaking…